Why does Hiki exist?
To empower the Autistic community to foster friendships, love and community.

How does Hiki ensure the safety of its members?

The safety of our members is Hiki’s number one priority. All Hiki members must sign a membership agreement that binds them to our rules of respect, inclusion and safety. Hiki administrators look for suspicious users or bad behavior daily and any member can report bad behavior through the app and the user will be removed and banned immediately.

How do I join Hiki?
Click here to join the Hiki community if you have an iphone. Click here if you have an android.

Can anybody join Hiki?
Hiki is only for Autistic adults (18+).

How old do you have to be to join Hiki?

Is Hiki LGBTQ friendly?
Of course :)

Is Hiki only for people looking to date?
Hiki is for everyone! Join Hiki if you are interested in finding love or if you want to make new friends!

Is Hiki available for Android?
Yes! You can download here.